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Changing your car tyres during winters is crucial to improve your 4-wheeler's overall performance. With that, you should also consider switching to winter wheels. Alloy wheels are increasingly gaining popularity over their steel counterparts as they come with several advantages. However, not all alloy wheels are suitable for winters. You should opt for either alloy or steel rims based on your driving preference and the types of tyres.

At A to B Tyres Ltd, you will find an extensive collection of winter wheels Ipswich from some of the most renowned brands in the UK. Irrespective of what rim size you seek or the type of wheel that you need for your vehicle, we have got you covered.

For your convenience, we have discussed the pros and cons of steel and alloy wheels below. Go through these, take your pick and place us a call.

Pros of steel wheels for winters

Several manufacturers and garages recommend steel winter wheels Ipswich as these are safer and come with a robust construction.

Steel rims are significantly stronger than alloy variants and are thus extremely durable. It is almost impossible to crack these units, and it will require a tremendous amount of force to even bend them. Plus, the extra weight of these wheels acts as a safety blanket during winters – it protects your vehicle from slipping on ice and snow. Another key advantage is the price – steel wheels are relatively cheaper than alloy wheels.

Cons of steel wheels

Unfortunately, steel rims are not a great aftermarket replacement option for those vehicles which had alloy rims as OE. Also, such rims are usually not available in larger sizes, and you cannot just downsize to these on your high-performance automobiles.

Another reason why you might steer away from steel wheel rims Ipswich is that they look quite bland and don't add to your 4-wheeler's aesthetics.

Regardless, you can still opt for steel wheels as their safety metrics can clearly outweigh the cons.

Why use alloy wheels Ipswich for winters?

Alloy wheels, made up of aluminium or magnesium (or both), offer certain advantages over standard steel wheels.

Take a look!

    • Lightweight

Alloy wheels are comparatively lightweight; thus, these put less pressure on your car's suspension, thereby increasing its longevity.

    • Increases braking performance

These wheels also dissipate heat faster and much more effectively than steel wheels. Thus, aluminium wheels can improve the braking performance significantly and also reduce braking distances.

    • Improves fuel efficiency
    • Fuel economy

Alloy wheels, being light in weight, are known to reduce the rolling resistance of your car tyres, thereby also increasing fuel economy significantly.

    • Last but not least, alloy wheels come in several designs and colours, which can add to your vehicle's aesthetics.

Thus, consider installing alloy rims on your automobile to enjoy improved efficiency, especially during the cold winter months.

Cons of alloy wheels

One of the major disadvantages of alloy units is that they are less durable than their steel counterparts. These are prone to bending and cracking on impacts. Plus, they are quite expensive – much more that the steel ones.

Now that you have a fair idea of what these winter wheel variants can offer, we hope you can take the correct buying decision. In case you need any assistance, we'll help you with it.

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