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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?

A puncture can happen at any time - a professional tyre repair is then required. It's not only damage through nails etc. puncturing a tyre that makes a puncture repair Ipswich necessary, but also if you do not store your tyres optimally, it is still possible that they may need to be repaired. We are happy to be your workshop for tyre repair Ipswich.

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Causes of tyre defects and how you can prevent them

There are many reasons why car tyres need repair. Material fatigue is often the reason. Older tyres are therefore more susceptible to defects, but incorrect or lack of maintenance can also be the reason why a tyre is defective. This means that even relatively new car tyres may require repair sometimes. It is crucial that they always have optimal air pressure. Otherwise, there is a risk of puncture, which must be repaired professionally. We will be happy to advise you personally on the best measures you can take to prevent this. Of course, it can still happen at any time that you drive over a nail or shard and damage the car tyre. In this case, we will be happy to use our expertise to repair your car tyre.

Your workshop for puncture repair Ipswich

If you have driven a nail or other sharp object into the tyre, leave it in the tyre for the time being - we will remove it during the repair. First of all, it is important that the air cannot escape quickly, which is ensured by the object stuck in the tyre. If the air pressure has dropped, refill it. Then come directly to us and do not make any more unnecessary journeys while the object is still in the tyre. If, on the other hand, there is major damage that causes a lot of air to escape from the tyre, do not move the vehicle unless you are in danger. You can damage the wheel and even other parts of the car. Change the tyre immediately and use the spare tyre if you have one. If this is not possible, and you are not too far from us, please give us a call (during our opening hours). We will do our best to help you.

A to B Tyres is your tyre expert.

As an experienced car repair shop for tyre puncture repair Ipswich, we flexibly are at your disposal. Especially when a tyre has not been driven for a long time, when only individual parts are affected and when the damage has been discovered early, damage can usually be repaired. Always pay attention to unusual noises when driving and, if necessary, inspect your tyres for the damage yourself.

Please note: Damage to the sidewalls of a tyre, bulges or previously repaired areas (self-repair kit) cannot be repaired. Also, tyres that have reached the legal tread depth of 1.6 mm should/cannot be repaired. In this case, we strongly advise you not to spend money on a repair as you have to change the tyre soon anyway.

We can certainly help you buy a new tyre that suits your vehicle, driving purpose and budget.

Please call (01473269030) or come and visit us at our tyre repair workshop Ipswich for more information and help - and trust our know-how and experience!