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Firestone Tyres

Harvey Firestone, a true visionary and a passionate American businessman, established Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company in 1900. The company quickly gained a reputation as a mass producer of tyres and ultimately negotiated a tie-up with Ford Motor Company as their official supplier of tyres. Now, Firestone is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world, and working as a subsidiary of the Japanese tyre giant Bridgestone since 1988.

The company has left its turbulent time behind, and brought to the market products with advanced features. You can purchase Firestone tyres Ipswich for any and every vehicle that you own.

However, the question is where to find a reliable retailer of Firestone tyres?

In that case, you can stop your search for ‘tyres near me’ and contact us at A to B Tyres Ltd. We are one of the leading retailers of this tyre brand, and our inventory consists of products of different types at various price points.

Our Firestone product range

  • Firehawk
  • Car owners prefer tyres from this series owing to their commendable traction and stability at high speeds, irrespective of the surface and weather conditions.

    If you own a performance car, you should buy Firestone tyres Ipswich from this series. The Firehawk range also has a coveted history of racing, including NASCAR. So, if you are a regular to the race track, these can be the perfect companion for you.

  • Champion
  • Tyres from the Champion series are popular among car owners for their capability to offer improved mileage. These tyres provide reduced rolling resistance which helps the vehicle to move forward quickly without burning too much fuel. Apart from that, these tyres are made of a specially designed compound which makes them durable.

    Also, the Champion series of Firestone car tyres Ipswich includes some of the best all-season units currently available in the UK. Hence, you can use them throughout the year, without facing the hassle of changing tyres after every few months.

  • Destination
  • The Destination tyres are purpose-built to withstand any road surface. Whether you use them for your daily commute to work, or for camping on weekends, you need not change the tyres. These all-terrain car tyres Ipswich can perform equally well on tarmac and gravel, offering matchless traction, stability, and handling performance.

  • Winterforce
  • The Winterforce series of Firestone tyres Ipswich provides superior braking performance and enhanced traction on icy, slippery roads during winters.

    You can find all these and much more on our website and at our service station. Hence, instead of worrying about quality tyres, reach us at A to B Tyres Ltd.

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