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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

An unbalanced wheel can change a vehicle’s driving behaviour, and increases the chances of an accident. Other than that, it can also significantly lower fuel economy and contribute to accelerated tyre wear as well as suspension wear.

We, A to B Tyres Ltd, are a leading garage for wheel balancing Ipswich. Here, we use only the latest and most advanced equipment to conduct accurate wheel balancing.


Why is wheel balancing important?

In this process, the idea is to properly equalise the combined weight of the wheel and tyre assembly so that it spins without any hassle at high speeds. Even a minor imbalance in weight can translate into grossly unbalanced centrifugal forces which cause the wheel and tyre assembly to vibrate. As a result, you might face an increasingly uncomfortable driving experience.

To keep such issues at bay, you need the help of a professional service station. Our experts at A to B Tyres Ltd take responsibility and can quickly suggest the appropriate solutions. These features make us the most reliable garage for wheel balancing Ipswich.


Symptoms that your car needs wheel balancing

Increase in fuel consumption

Increased braking distance

Abnormal tyre wobbling on increasing the vehicle speed

Uneven tread wear

Vibration of the steering wheel at high speeds

If not attended on time, unbalanced wheels can later damage the suspension system or the steering system. So, consider looking for a “wheel balancing garage near me” without delay if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above.

How can we help?

We use two techniques for efficient wheel balancing.

Static balancing

If one particular spot in the wheel is heavier than the rest, it will cause a shift in the centre of gravity. In such cases, the wheel is said to be statically imbalanced, and as a result, the tyre is likely to wobble. At A to B Tyres Ltd, we use advanced equipment to fix the issue accurately.

All these processes of wheel balancing and alignment are done by our professionals who are popular across Ipswich for their unmatched service quality.

Dynamic balancing

In this case, a wheel & tyre assembly is placed on a special wheel balancing machine so that the spots of imbalance can be traced on the three axes. Then, the wheel and tyre assembly is rotated at high speed for the machine to identify the exact weight imbalances. Post analysis, our experts will use the accurate counterweights for car wheel balancing Ipswich.

We recommend our clients to opt for a wheel balance check after hitting a curb or deep pothole. Every time you get a new tyre, wheel balancing is a must.

Sounds good? Call us or visit our workshop directly. We are always happy to help.