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Every vehicle manufacturer spends significant time and resources to decide the ideal tyre size for a particular car. Based on this size, the manufacturer tunes the suspension of the vehicle. Hence, if you opt for different tyre sizes, it can adversely affect the ride quality. Therefore, when you buy car tyres Ipswich, you must pay close attention to the tyre size, among other features.

At A to B Tyres Ltd, we stock only superior quality tyres from all the leading brands across the world. Our experts will also help you to understand the tyre size meaning so that you can make a proper buying decision.

Deciphering the tyre size

To understand the tyre size meaning, let us take an example.

A tyre has 275/40R21 107 Y written on its sidewall; so, what does that mean?

The first three-digit number, i.e. 275, represents the width of this particular tyre. It is measured in millimetres. While purchasing a car tyre, it is crucial to select the proper tyre width.

The next number (40) denotes the aspect ratio of this particular tyre. It represents the ratio between a tyre’s section width and its sidewall. Typically, performance-focused tyres have smaller aspect ratio. These are called low profile tyres, and they provide superior handling and cornering abilities.

Next, the letter ‘R’ stands for radial, the construction type of this particular tyre. Therefore, while purchasing new car tyres Ipswich, keep an eye out for this information.

‘21’ signifies the rim’s diameter (in inches).

The last section (107Y) refers to the load index and speed rating of any tyre. Here, ‘107’ correspond to the maximum load this tyre can carry, and ‘Y’ is the speed rating. Do not forget to check this information when you buy car tyres Ipswich.

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