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Goodride Tyres

Goodride falls under the umbrella of China’s largest automotive tyre manufacturer, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company. This company produces a wide range of tyres for trucks, cars, scooters, bicycles, tractors, ATVs, motorcycles and other vehicles. Besides Goodride tyres, some other brands in Hangzhou Zhongce’s portfolio are Westlake, Trazano, Chaoyang and Arisun.

Although Goodride isn’t yet as popular as brands like Pirelli and Michelin, it is gradually gaining prominence in the UK tyre segment. Keeping the customers’ changing preferences and buying trends in mind, A to B Tyres Ltd stocks an extensive collection of Goodride tyres Ipswich.

Here’s a brief overview of what we can offer!

  • Goodride performance tyres
  • SA07

    The Silica Tech compound in Goodride’s SA07 offers precise vehicle control and low rolling resistance that improves fuel efficiency. This model has four circumferential grooves that quickly evacuate water for improved wet traction, and the Rim Protector acts as a shield for the rim.


    This high-performance tyre is ideal for use in the summer season. Like the previous model, SA37 is also made with the Silica Tech compound for excellent wet grip and short braking distances. In addition, its rigid centre rib ensures unmatched handling performance on both dry and wet surfaces.

  • Goodride SUV/4x4 tyres
  • SL369

    If you want tyres for both off and on-road usage, Goodride SL369 is an appropriate model. The tread designs are thicker, and the grooves follow a zig-zag pattern for quick water drainage. Moreover, this model has a rigid sidewall protector that can prevent sidewall abrasions and cuts.


    The Goodride SU318 is an ideal all-terrain tyre that ensures fast water evacuation, low rolling resistance, improved driving comfort and wet traction.

  • Goodride passenger car tyres
  • RP28

    Are you thinking of buying Goodride car tyres Ipswich that can provide a comfortable and quiet ride? You can select Goodride’s RP28 that guarantees you both a pleasant and noise-free ride.


    Goodride’s SV308 is made with all season silica compounds that deliver improved traction on dry and wet roadways. This model also has circumferential grooves for more significant water drainage and hydroplaning resistance.

Besides these, you can find several other Goodride tyre models at our facility. Therefore, whether you want a winter tyre or a high-performance one, we have got you covered.

So, instead of searching for ‘tyres near me’, you can visit A to B Tyres Ltd for the best deals. At our facility, you can stay assured to get all varieties of Goodride car tyres Ipswich.

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