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Toyo Tyres

Toyo is a well-established tyre manufacturing company based in Japan that began its journey in 1945. It is primarily known for its performance tyres, and there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for these units in the UK market.

We, at A to B Tyres Ltd, stock an extensive collection of Toyo tyres Ipswich, suitable for any car that you drive.

Top-selling Toyo tyres in Ipswich

Over the years, our experts have observed that the following Toyo tyre models sell better than several of their competitors.

Take a look!

Proxes R1R

This is one of the most sought-after car tyres Ipswich from Toyo that is lauded by our customers for its exceptional handling and stability. This tyre has a reinforced silica compound with a unidirectional tread design. Due to this, it offers commendable performance and handling even at high speeds, irrespective of the season.

Also, its ‘tapered centre block edge’ stabilises the movement of the tyre’s centre block and reduces accelerated wear and tear.

Proxes T1R

If you are looking for Toyo car tyres Ipswich that can offer unmatched dry and wet handling performance besides improved braking efficiency, this product is an ideal pick for you. The distinctive features of this tyre are –

Parallel shoulder slits, which lower irregular tyre wear

Firm shoulder rib bands that improves cornering abilities and lowers tyre drag

V-shaped groove design for enhanced aquaplaning resistance

Extensa A/S

Individuals who do not fancy a performance tyre can opt to buy Toyo tyres Ipswich of this category. It is an all-season tyre that comes with a handsome tread life and offers optimum braking and handling performance. It is manufactured with a special silica compound for improved fuel efficiency.

Besides, the multi-wave sipes increase the tyre’s longevity and provide a smooth and quiet driving experience.


This is one of the best all-weather Toyo tyres Ipswich. It also offers enhanced traction on snow owing to its amazing features as listed below –

Variable sipe density, wherein the inner tread has a higher density for improved traction on ice and snow-covered tarmacs during winters. Contrarily, the outer tread is shallower to perform well on wet and dry roads.

Multi-wave sipes improve the ride quality and braking performance significantly. 

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