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Pirelli Tyres

Founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, the company is based in Milan, Italy. Ever since 1894, Pirelli has been manufacturing tyres for a wide range of vehicles that has made it one of the leading brands in the world.

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What makes Pirelli tyres special?

Pirelli is continuously innovating and experimenting with new technologies. This practice has led it to develop 3 class-leading technologies that make its tyres some of the best in the market.

PNCS Technology- The Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS) reduces noise inside your vehicle by up to 50%.

Seal-Inside Technology- This feature helps to keep your car in control even after a blowout or puncture.

Run-Flat Technology- This allows you to drive up to a certain distance at a limited speed of about 50-60mph even with a flat.

Pirelli manufactures car tyres Ipswich in different sizes so that the products are suitable for vehicles of any model and make, plying the British roads.

Here are the most popular Pirelli tyres Ipswich at our garage.

Cinturato Winter

Perfect to navigate the snow-covered roads of Britain, Cinturato Winter is developed with Pirelli’s innovative technologies to deliver maximum safety and control. This tyre is also known to improve mileage and boost fuel economy besides enhancing braking performance.

Cinturato All Season Plus

This tyre is ideal for urban drivers who are looking for the perfect alternatives to summer or winter tyres. The Cinturato All Season Plus comes with a puncture-proof Seal-Inside technology. With its new tread pattern and unique build compound, these Pirelli tyres Ipswich offer excellent round-the-year performance.

Scorpion Verde

The Scorpion Verde is tailor-made for SUVs and Crossovers, created with the most innovative materials, structure and tread patterns. This tyre's low rolling resistance ensures decreased fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. If you drive a Hyundai Creta or an Audi Q3, this is by far the best possible tyre you can invest in.

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