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Michelin is a multinational tyre manufacturing company based in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Established in 1889 by Andre Michelin and Edouard Michelin, it is now the second largest tyre manufacturer in the world after Michelin.

The company generated revenue of €24.13 billion in 2019, and it speaks volumes of its dominance in the world’s tyre segment. There simply isn’t a vehicle Michelin doesn’t make tyres for.

We have seen an increase in the demand for Michelin tyres Ipswich.

You will find the entire collection at our facility - A to B Tyres Ltd.

Michelin car tyre ranges

Michelin has 8 popular tyre families, namely- CrossClimate, Primacy, Pilot, Latitude, Agilis, Energy, Alpine, and Diamaris. Each of them is constructed with class-leading and innovative tyre technologies that deliver nothing below superior quality performance.

Tyres of every vehicle

Michelin manufactures car tyres Ipswich for passenger cars, SUVs, 4×4s, commercial vans and motorhomes. These tyres offer excellent fuel efficiency, and their unique tread designs provide enhanced grip and effortless driving experience.

The following Michelin car tyres Ipswich sell better than most other competitors:

  • CrossClimate+
  • Primacy 4
  • Pilot Sport 4
  • Pilot Sport Cup 2

Models for every season

The dry and rough roads in the British summers require hard tyres that would roll smoothly. On the other hand, during winters, the tyres need to retain their flexibility even in low temperatures. Michelin manufactures top-quality tyres explicitly for summers and winters. The brand also manufactures all-season tyres that provide improved fuel economy and braking precision.

Michelin summer tyres: Primary 4, Primacy 3, Pilot Sport 4S, etc.

Michelin winter tyres: Alpin 6, Alpin 5, Latitude Alpin LA2, etc.

Michelin all-season tyres: CrossClimate+, Agilis CrossClimate, CrossClimate SUV, etc.

You will find all these tyre models and much more at our facility. Thus, you don’t have to search for “tyres near me” anymore.

Order online or just visit A to B Tyres Ltd to buy Michelin tyres Ipswich. Call us on 01473 269030 for further enquiries. We are located at Unit 3C, Elton Park Business Park, Hadleigh Rd, Ipswich IP2 0DD.

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