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Adequate tyre pressure is crucial to enjoy the continued smooth performance of your vehicle. At the same time, it also extends the service life of the tyres by preventing accelerated tread wear. Most modern cars are now equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). It alerts the driver in case of a sudden loss of air pressure in the tyres.

Similar to any other component of a car, the TPMS sensor is also susceptible to wear and tear. In case of any performance issue or malfunction, car owners must check or replace TPMS sensor Ipswich.

If you are looking for a professional service station to get your vehicle’s TPMS sensors replaced, contact us at A to B Tyres Ltd. But first, we recommend you gather more information about this crucial system.

Types of TPMS

Whenever the air pressure in a tyre drops below the recommended minimum, the TPMS will let you know in real-time by triggering the warning light. This data is processed by the sensors which can be either direct or indirect.

Direct TPMS

In direct TPMS, the sensors are attached to the wheels, and they transmit live pressure data to the vehicle’s central control unit. If the tyre pressure drops below 25%, the system will instantly illuminate the TPMS warning light to alert you.

Direct TPMS is a form of wireless technology. Here, every sensor has a unique serial number that helps the centralised unit to segregate data coming from each wheel.

This technology is mostly proprietary which makes it difficult for any layman to conduct TPMS sensor replacement Ipswich. You need the assistance of a trained professional to replace or service it. Do not fret as the experts of A to B Tyres Ltd are at your disposal.

Indirect TPMS

Unlike the previous one, iTPMS is not an independent system. Instead, it is a part of the vehicle’s Anti-Lock Braking System. Here, the sensors measure the revolution of each wheel.

In the event of pressure loss or a blowout, one wheel will record lower revolutions per minute compared to the others. Based on this calculation, the system illuminates the TPMS warning light.

Why does a TPMS sensor malfunction?

The entire unit will malfunction if there is any issue with the TPMS sensor Ipswich. The sensors are likely to get damaged as they work in an environment of extreme temperatures and vibrations. In such cases, the warning light might get triggered even if there is adequate tyre pressure. Conversely, a damaged sensor might not trigger the warning light in case of a significant pressure drop. Either way, it’s quite dangerous.

Also, the TPMS valve, valve nuts or rubber grommet can get corroded and affect the sensors as well.

Are you wondering how to replace TPMS sensor battery? Please note that if the sensor’s battery dies, you have no other option but to replace the entire unit. Regardless of the issue, you do not have to worry as our experts have got you covered at A to B Tyres Ltd.

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