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Summer Check

Although British summers are quite pleasant, the heat and humidity bring challenges of their own for vehicles. Thus, car summer check Ipswich becomes even more essential.

Pre-emptive car summer checks can save you from hefty repairing bills and sudden breakdowns. At A to B Tyres Ltd, we conduct the following key checks in our summer car service for your convenience.

    • Replacing engine oil

The first service in our list of car summer check Ipswich is replacing the engine oil. You can refer to your car s user manual to learn more about this. It will contain a suggestion from your manufacturer regarding oil change interval, oil grade, etc. Apart from changing the oil, we also do not forget to check your car s oil filter and replace the same if need be.

    • Changing the coolant

Engine overheating is a common occurrence during summers. Your vehicle s coolant plays a crucial role in preventing this and must be replaced or topped up at regular intervals. Typically, cooling systems should be flushed entirely and then refilled every year. Also, you must check the level, concentration and condition of the coolant, especially before the onset of summer. If you are going for a summer car service Ipswich at our facility, our experts will thoroughly check the condition of your car coolant and suggest the best course of action.

    • Air conditioning check-up

Our summer vehicle services Ipswich includes a thorough check of your car s AC. We will properly check the refrigerant levels and replace or top up the same, as required. We will also make sure that the condenser, compressor and other crucial parts of the air con system are functioning optimally.

    • Tyres

At A to B Tyres Ltd, our technicians will properly check your car tyres for signs of damage and conduct efficient repairs promptly. In case the damage is beyond repair, we will suggest you to buy a set of quality summer tyres at our garage.

In addition to these basic checks, our experts can also suggest other services depending on the condition of your vehicle.

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